Foxes in the Cty

An interesting conversation came across my path the other day, that of foxes, it would appear that many English people do not like them at all, they are accused of biting babies killing penguins in the London Zoo and generally being bad mangy and aggressive and when one sees many of them sneaking down the streets and roads of the city they do look a sorry site.
Some while ago while travelling from Hertford to London our train stopped for the ever present red signal and lo and behold living on top a row of garages behind a block of flats was a family of foxes or at least three adults by the looks of it they had a nest built up against a wall and seemed right at home.
I read somewhere that there are about 30 000 of these creatures living in the cities and town s of England after having moved in around the 1940’s
According to the experts if you get rid of a fox another will move into its area as they constantly mark off their area.
After all this information here are some snaps of a cute little guy in very good condition he/she lives under a wooden walkway alongside The River Thames close to customs house I have seen him we will call him “him” several times over the last few months.
Oh well that’s it about foxes for today there is plenty you can read up on about wild life in the cityIMG_20141118_120840




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Our Bit of Winter


This is the first time I have seen snow in London was quite exciting, we get woken up every morning by the birds chirping in these trees its like living in the country

This is the first time I have seen snow in London was quite exciting, we get woken up every morning by the birds chirping in these trees its like living in the country

IMG_20150203_075037 IMG_20150203_075018

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A narrow boat sunk in the lock

The River Lee Hertford

Decided to take a stroll along the Union Canal from Hertford to Ware the other day along with many like minded people, had something to do with with that great big yellow ball in the sky most of us have not seen it for quiet some time, cyclists, dog walkers, families all on  a mission to soak up the sun and enjoy the great outdoors.

The remains of a narrow boat

Came across a group of women fishing for crayfish, American crayfish we were told, were brought over years ago to be farmed commercially however some escaped, a bit like the pardoned lobster and headed for the freedom of the canals were they have multiplied and are now classed as vermin, if you catch one it is illegal to return it to the water, the fisher women were using bacon wrapped up in a small net on a length of twine to attract the creatures them scooped them out with a net and into the bucket they went.

Just passed this fishing project we came to a lock with loads of debris floating around and on a closer look could just make out the form of a narrow boat under the water, it had apparently got stuck against the beam of the gate and as the water level rose it became submerged, we were told by several people there that going through the locks on your own is quiet dangerous, never given it much thought but will keep this in mind for when we get round to touring on a narrow boat.


Very beautiful country side with a number of rivers all converging and flowing around Hertford including the canal on which you can navigate to The Thames in London. There is a smaller canal from Ware to London which was built to supply water to The City many years ago, its got some great big fish in it saw a couple darting along.

Waiting to go through the lock

The River


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Wet and Windy Great Yarmouth and the Wind Farm

The old castle complete with moat

The worst drought in a century they said hosepipe ban is needed and must be implemented now, and what do we get??? we ask, wet wet wet grey grey grey the most dry place in the country is ankle deep in mud with this depressing grey cloud cover what a life 😉 and then look at this week 27 to 31 degrees C, WOW WOW WOW…

The new windmills in the far distance providing power

One of the old mills which were used to drive water pumps for de-watering the area for agriculture.

The old castle near Caister

Decided last week to head out into unknown territory, Great Yarmouth the destination never been to that part of England so away we went, headed up to Norwich and stopped to look at the old city wall, a lot of history around those parts most of it pretty bloody and savage, sort of like the rest of the country, had a good breakfast of Belgium chocolate brownies and espresso coffee at the local Costa’s before heading on down to the coast.

As we got closer to Great Yarmouth we thought we were back in Holland windmills and flat rolling country side, on stopping at one of the mills we discovered lo and behold,that they had been built by Dutch engineers back in the 16/1700’s these mills were used to drive water pumps to de-water the area for agriculture.

The old windmills have been “replaced” now by modern windmills just of the beach area EON has erected a bank of power generating “windmills” so out with the old and in with the new life moves on in circles mostly.

Norwich City Wall-The ruins

G Y is a real tourist town complete with fun fair, bingo halls pier ect not really my cup of tea but nice enough, the hotel was good, food excellent, staff  very well trained polite and attentive,well worth a visit if you are in the area. The Kensington is its name,  for me the beauty was in the surrounding country side, had a good long walk on the beach, Saturday was blowing and miserable but the sun came out on Sunday well sort of most of the time which was great, then the meander home along mostly back country roads and lanes, takes quiet awhile but much more pleasant than on the motorway.

Almost reminds me of Mozambique goats on the boats

The Great Yarmouth Beach

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London Across the Chimneys and Roof Tops

A view across the City of London, it never ceases to amaze me, the architecture of the old cities of England and Europe how much effort went into building these structures in those days of old,

Rows and rows of chimneys

On a clear but cool day

Rows and rows of houses

From the old to the new

Roof top gardens

There are so many interesting roof tops and chimneys to see across the city, on a clear day, when one gets such a day, the view is breathtaking, looking across to the old Battersee Power Station, the London Eye or across Hyde Park there is always something different to see.

The London Eye in the background

Across The City

From the balcony

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Views From A Train Window

On a recent trip to Newcastle, my first I might add, we decided to go by train, give us an oppertunity to see the passing scenery, so we booked on EastCoast Rail from London Kings Cross just over a three hour trip. Kings Cross has just been all done up and modernised but one funny thing is when you get off a suburban train you got to walk out of the building and around to get to the other platforms but hey its ok if not raining, the trip was good except for a bunch of foul mouthed Newcastle lads on their way home, they should have been chucked off along the way but the guard did his best to keep them under control. One thing the station and Metro staff in Newcastle are really friendly and helpful which makes life so much more pleasant, the return trip a few days later was as good but you must book in advance to get reasonable prices.

The country side was water logged,soaked through from all the rain and a strange site alongthe side of the tracks in the middle of nowhere are these big elaborate cast iron/metal signs saying London – Newcastle!!!! like the train driver might be lost or think he is going the wrong way, must be a reason for them.

As you see from the photo’s very overcast and dreary weather was cold and damp on the outside, The River as one enters Newcastle and some country side.


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Just spent a glorious few days in the city of Amsterdam, what a place constantly changing but always the same, being somewhat older these days a more leisurely time was had, a highlight being a 2 hour candlelight canal cruise organised through Viator.  give them a try., the guide was excelant her humour and knowledge was great as was the cheese and wine served throughout the tour by a very friendly and attentive waitress whose name now escapes me, it was a really great two hours money really well spent.

We stayed in the Hotel De Gersterkorrel on Dam Straat which was very good, clean rooms and bathroom, a shower actually with basin and w/c perfect budget accomadtion right in the middle of the city with plenty of resturants and pubs at hand the red light district down the road the city tram just round the corner and a ten miute walk to the central railway station the room was very quiet considering the position, the receptionists were friendly and cheerful the breakfast served in the room was

We did what all tourists do and walked the pedestrian shopping road with all its fashion shops but the best was walking through the area known as the 9 streets cramm packed with small shops selling every thing from desinger boots to 50’s pencil sharpner’s and everything inbetween

Stopped off at a coffee shop for a real coffee, not into the green stuff myself but was great just to sit and watch the world go on.

Of course bicycles bicycles bicycles Boris in London eat your heart out you will never get there, no yellow safety jackets, no helmets no black lycra just ordinary folk living their normal lives, from an English perspective don’t know how they do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kids on the front not even strapped in How dreadful only thing is do not step in front of them you will be taken out, so good to experiance real life again after living in London for some years, London is great but it is just a commercial city hidden in old buildings it does have its attractions  but as an old boss of mine once said You Do Not Know What You Do not Know Until You Learn It.

Chow for now till next time.

A great trip well worth it

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