The Fishing Village

Just outside the city of Maputo Mozambique is a not so little town or suburb called in English the fishing village, this is in Maputo bay a busy centre of empowerment for the locals those owning and operating the boats the women who buy the fish and sell on to the markets and hawkers who then hit the trail to the city and suburbs to sell their wares, one thing about the Mozambicans, fresh food was important and in all my years there never got food poisoning or an upset stomach from buying food on the road side, did get a serious case of food poisoning from a local restaurant though.  Of great enjoyment to us was to go down in the late afternoon and watch the boats come in then to buy some fish to take home to grill as the locals do, sometimes we would buy a bucket of mussels to take along as well these we would boil up and very often encase the meat in a chilli batter mix and grill on the BBQ for a short while ohhhhhhhh like being in heaven, the fish we would cut grooves across the body rub with olive oil, garlic and peri-peri and then grill quickly over hot coals no flames, together with a few friends and a cold drink on a hot evening what a way to complete the day.

One of the interesting sights were the ever present goats eating what ever they could find including their meanderings across the boats in search of the elusive food.

The sad truth is the fishing grounds are being exploited as more and more small fish are taken out not getting the chance to grow to maturity, at one time there was a closed season which helped, but like all things progress takes its toll and very often the boats came in with very little and very immature fish. for the people, they need to earn money to live and the population needs to eat, a very difficult balancing act to follow, when we sit many miles away it is easy to pass judgement on exploitation ect but for the locals it is life, so far things seem to be working out ok only time will tell.

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