Views From A Train Window

On a recent trip to Newcastle, my first I might add, we decided to go by train, give us an oppertunity to see the passing scenery, so we booked on EastCoast Rail from London Kings Cross just over a three hour trip. Kings Cross has just been all done up and modernised but one funny thing is when you get off a suburban train you got to walk out of the building and around to get to the other platforms but hey its ok if not raining, the trip was good except for a bunch of foul mouthed Newcastle lads on their way home, they should have been chucked off along the way but the guard did his best to keep them under control. One thing the station and Metro staff in Newcastle are really friendly and helpful which makes life so much more pleasant, the return trip a few days later was as good but you must book in advance to get reasonable prices.

The country side was water logged,soaked through from all the rain and a strange site alongthe side of the tracks in the middle of nowhere are these big elaborate cast iron/metal signs saying London – Newcastle!!!! like the train driver might be lost or think he is going the wrong way, must be a reason for them.

As you see from the photo’s very overcast and dreary weather was cold and damp on the outside, The River as one enters Newcastle and some country side.


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