Wet and Windy Great Yarmouth and the Wind Farm

The old castle complete with moat

The worst drought in a century they said hosepipe ban is needed and must be implemented now, and what do we get??? we ask, wet wet wet grey grey grey the most dry place in the country is ankle deep in mud with this depressing grey cloud cover what a life 😉 and then look at this week 27 to 31 degrees C, WOW WOW WOW…

The new windmills in the far distance providing power

One of the old mills which were used to drive water pumps for de-watering the area for agriculture.

The old castle near Caister

Decided last week to head out into unknown territory, Great Yarmouth the destination never been to that part of England so away we went, headed up to Norwich and stopped to look at the old city wall, a lot of history around those parts most of it pretty bloody and savage, sort of like the rest of the country, had a good breakfast of Belgium chocolate brownies and espresso coffee at the local Costa’s before heading on down to the coast.

As we got closer to Great Yarmouth we thought we were back in Holland windmills and flat rolling country side, on stopping at one of the mills we discovered lo and behold,that they had been built by Dutch engineers back in the 16/1700’s these mills were used to drive water pumps to de-water the area for agriculture.

The old windmills have been “replaced” now by modern windmills just of the beach area EON has erected a bank of power generating “windmills” so out with the old and in with the new life moves on in circles mostly.

Norwich City Wall-The ruins

G Y is a real tourist town complete with fun fair, bingo halls pier ect not really my cup of tea but nice enough, the hotel was good, food excellent, staff  very well trained polite and attentive,well worth a visit if you are in the area. The Kensington is its name,  for me the beauty was in the surrounding country side, had a good long walk on the beach, Saturday was blowing and miserable but the sun came out on Sunday well sort of most of the time which was great, then the meander home along mostly back country roads and lanes, takes quiet awhile but much more pleasant than on the motorway.

Almost reminds me of Mozambique goats on the boats

The Great Yarmouth Beach

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