A narrow boat sunk in the lock

The River Lee Hertford

Decided to take a stroll along the Union Canal from Hertford to Ware the other day along with many like minded people, had something to do with with that great big yellow ball in the sky most of us have not seen it for quiet some time, cyclists, dog walkers, families all on  a mission to soak up the sun and enjoy the great outdoors.

The remains of a narrow boat

Came across a group of women fishing for crayfish, American crayfish we were told, were brought over years ago to be farmed commercially however some escaped, a bit like the pardoned lobster and headed for the freedom of the canals were they have multiplied and are now classed as vermin, if you catch one it is illegal to return it to the water, the fisher women were using bacon wrapped up in a small net on a length of twine to attract the creatures them scooped them out with a net and into the bucket they went.

Just passed this fishing project we came to a lock with loads of debris floating around and on a closer look could just make out the form of a narrow boat under the water, it had apparently got stuck against the beam of the gate and as the water level rose it became submerged, we were told by several people there that going through the locks on your own is quiet dangerous, never given it much thought but will keep this in mind for when we get round to touring on a narrow boat.


Very beautiful country side with a number of rivers all converging and flowing around Hertford including the canal on which you can navigate to The Thames in London. There is a smaller canal from Ware to London which was built to supply water to The City many years ago, its got some great big fish in it saw a couple darting along.

Waiting to go through the lock

The River


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