Foxes in the Cty

An interesting conversation came across my path the other day, that of foxes, it would appear that many English people do not like them at all, they are accused of biting babies killing penguins in the London Zoo and generally being bad mangy and aggressive and when one sees many of them sneaking down the streets and roads of the city they do look a sorry site.
Some while ago while travelling from Hertford to London our train stopped for the ever present red signal and lo and behold living on top a row of garages behind a block of flats was a family of foxes or at least three adults by the looks of it they had a nest built up against a wall and seemed right at home.
I read somewhere that there are about 30 000 of these creatures living in the cities and town s of England after having moved in around the 1940’s
According to the experts if you get rid of a fox another will move into its area as they constantly mark off their area.
After all this information here are some snaps of a cute little guy in very good condition he/she lives under a wooden walkway alongside The River Thames close to customs house I have seen him we will call him “him” several times over the last few months.
Oh well that’s it about foxes for today there is plenty you can read up on about wild life in the cityIMG_20141118_120840




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